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We know your bike is your pride and joy. And you ensure that only the best goes into it. We ensure that only the best goes into our batteries as well. That's why truly knowledgeable riders like you insist on Amaron. Amaron offers Pro Bike Rider (PBR) batteries, manufactured with state-of-the-art VRLA technology, for the entire range of two wheelers available in India.

VRLA technology works on the oxygen recombination principle, which prevents water loss and provides a zero maintenance battery. Which means that the only thing on your mind will be to have the ride of your life, every time you start your engine?

No matter what your ride, there's an Amaron PBR that's going to last long with you.

Our Differentiators:

1) Zero-Maintenance
2) High Cranking Power
3) High Corrosive Resistance
4) High Vibration Resistance
5) Improved Safety
6) Long Life
7) Spill-Proof

Exide Bike Batteries

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An efficient Bike Battery must be able to meet frequent deep discharges, ensure reliability over months, be low maintenance, ensure minimum emission of gasses, no or minimum acid spray/ fumes, require its Bike Batteries manufacturing facility at Roorkee and all Exide Bike Batteries are manufactured at this state-of-the-art unit.


1) Ability to withstand frequent deep discharge
2) Reliability over months
3) Low maintenance
4) Minimum emission of gases/fumes.

Amaron Bike BatteryAmaron Bike Battery
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