1) Cancellation of Order: -

After ordering if Customers wish to cancel the product they can call us on our customer care no. +918424991166/8424060808 or by sending an email to Cancellation of orders will be considered only within 1 hour after placing the order. If the orders has been communicated to the channel partner and they have initiated the process of shipping and dispatched then the customer has to pay Rs.250/- minimum service charges or pay as per there location. No charges will be applicable in case an order is cancelled by book my batteries because of product Non-availability or some other reason. Once the Batteries is installed and verified, there will not be any refund and will be governed by the warranty limits of the Batteries and will abide by the warranty options of the Batteries.

2) Refund Policy: -

The refund policy is only applicable in terms of online payment by Credit card/debit card/Net Banking etc. On successful cancellation the refund amount after deducting 2.0% +ST from the value of the product the balance amount will be credited you in the form of a credit to your bank account , credit card, net banking within 7-10 business days. For this process book my batteries finance team would get in touch with you at the earliest possible for provide all necessary details.

3) Payment cash on delivery: -

In terms of cash on delivery in all batteries, inverter or other Product, It will be delivered and installed, after that our technician will provide warranty card and invoice. Proper filled with date of sale in the warranty card. Once the Product is installed and verified customers should pay the invoice amount to the technician by cash.

4) Making Payment using Credit card/debit card/Net Banking etc?

Before making payment using Credit Card, Debit card, net banking, E Wallet, EMI etc. Get confirmed first with the customer care by calling +918424991166/8424060808 for the correct fitment and availability of product. If customer has order the product by making the payment online through cards and the product is not correct, Customer have to pay the difference amount by way of Cards or by cash. There is No Charges for any Credit card/ Debit card/Net Banking/E Wallet/EMI except AMEX Card. AMEX Card Customer has to bear the Charges.