Shipping Policy

All Batteries, Inverter and Inverter Batteries and other product sold by like Amaron, Exide, Tata Green, SF Sonic, AC Delco, Luminous, Microtex, and Sukam etc are sourced from dealers and suppliers and they are authorized by the battery manufacturers .The battery sold by us with manufacturers' warranty. There are no extra taxes, hidden costs or additional shipping charges on the product offered by Customer can place order anytime. Order receives for Automobile Batteries, Three Wheelers Batteries, Tractor Batteries, Bus Batteries; Commercial Vehicle Batteries till 3.00 Pm to 4.00 Pm will be installed same day if possible but if not possible orders will be delivered next day. Order received for Inverters and Inverter Battery till 3.00 Pm it will be delivered same day or next day after 10.00 Am. Order Received for Two Wheelers Battery will be delivery within 4 to 24 Hours. When we received your order our channel partner will call you for the confirmation of order, shipping details and your availability. Once the time is fixed and confirms the product is delivered to the said shipping address. Our delivery is free of cost on all listed cities in our website. The respective State-Union territory jurisdiction and limits defined by the city Municipal Corporation, authority, administration respectively or delivery area shall be entire city. If the customer order the battery and the shipping address is not nearby with in 15 Km to and from to any listed city. Customers have to pay additional delivery charges which shall be nominal. Customer care will informed to the customer about the charges and if customer agree to pay additional delivery charges the product will be delivered otherwise the order will be treated as cancelled. An also in case of any unavoidable circumstances like stock unavailability, heavy rains, traffic jams etc. Inverter batteries installation location above the ground floor to second floor without a working lift is having extra labor charges of Rs.100/-.For both product like Inverter Battery and Inverter/UPS the installation is free and is limited to connecting with the mains, Installation locations above second Floor working lift is mandatory. Additional wiring, connection, electrical accessories, wires, switches, sockets etc. For additional extra work or electrical items etc. Customers have to bear the respective extra cost of the work during installation.